We take the time to help you every step of the way.


Pascale Legal are proud to announce a new service for our clients. Our Conveyancing division's primary focus will be to provide our customers with the best possible services of property transaction. Our conveyancing is undertaken by a qualified legal Practitioner who is experienced to perform any case whether it is complex or easy.

At Pascale Legal Barristers & Solicitors we strive to serve nothing but the best to all our clients in all industries. Conveyancing is a mandatory process of transferring ownership title from seller to buyer. This process assures the future legal security to the buyer and a Practitioner does this job with ease, doing all the research work and other formalities on behalf of our clients.
Our approach will be friendly, helpful and informative and our qualified Practitioner will treat their matter as if it was their own. We will always take the time to properly explain to you the effect of each of all the documents before you sign them.

If you require a Conveyancer in the Adelaide northern suburbs or the Adelaide CBD, call us today on 8250 0404 to arrange an appointment at our Salisbury office or the Adelaide City office.