Wills & Estates


If you should die without having a will in place your assets and belongings will be distributed by the government according to a legal formula. In the event the Public Trustee becomes involved, fees and commissions will be charged, leaving less for your beneficiaries.

Arranging a will is a relatively simple process that ensures your property and possessions will be distributed as you would want them to be. A will can also provide for the guardianship of children under the age of 18 and set out your wishes regarding funeral arrangements.

Most importantly, having a will in place can greatly ease the burden on your family during their period of grieving.

Pascale Legal’s Wills & Estate solicitors are experienced in all aspects of wills and estates law. From drafting wills and estate planning, to ensuring your estate is administered in accordance with the terms set out in those documents, our service is both affordable and professional.

Our areas of expertise include:-

  • Simple Wills
  • Complex Wills
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Contested Wills
  • Wills with Protective Trusts
  • Succession planning

Estate Law

At Pascale Legal, we understand the emotion and stress that inevitably follows the death of someone close to you. We are here to ease your burden in any way we can. Our expert team of solicitors and barristers are highly skilled in the administration of estates (whether or not a will was in place) and matters relating to contested wills and estates.

If you require a wills lawyer in the Adelaide northern suburbs or the Adelaide CBD, call us today on 8250 0404 to arrange an appointment at our Salisbury office or the Adelaide City office.

Our areas of expertise include:-

  • Probate
  • Letters of Administration
  • General Administration
  • Contested Wills